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Post  writch on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:45 pm

I like the ones that I gleaned from xXx_REVENGE_xXx in theta on the .com side.

Towns and Walls at the same level
Hideouts four levels higher
Shipyard w/ram (at least)
Warehouse above the average 'safe' level of stock

I might add that it's good to leave a 'Hello Kitty' package for unwelcome visitors. Ouranos from theta named it. The theory is that (if they've not spied you out), they have to batter down your wall to see what's there, and you can do plenty damage to them while they are doing so.

Now, the 'proper' HK is:

1 spear
1 sword
1 hoplite
1 steam giant
15 balloons
30 gyrocopters

Here (since we're still little, and there's no flight yet), I've adopted it:

1 spear
1 sword
1 hoplite
18 back row (cats if you got 'em, rams otherwise)

The back row will scatter and return since there's nothing to hurt them and they aren't out of ammo.

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